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Electrical Assistant & HVAC Training Program

One Class:  Training in BOTH

Entry Level Electrical Assistant & HVAC

Electrical Assistant & HVAC

 Electrical Assistant  


Learn new skills in Basic Electricity:  

electrical conductors and wiring techniques,

types of circuits,

network analysis,

alternate current,

electron theory,

electrical symbols


 hands-on wiring. 


Learn serial circuits

parallel circuits, 

calculate loads,

electrical testing equipment,

NEC installation,

lighting branch circuits, receptacle circuits,

understand outlets for range, counter mount

wall mounted. 


Knowledge in  techniques to Connect,

Repair and Replace



You'll be constantly Trained  and Guided.  

HVAC Technician


Learn HVAC theory, 

Technology and safety. 


Study includes principles of thermodynamics, energy and matter, concepts apply to refrigeration.  


Students will be trained in copperplastic and ferrous metal piping practices, soldering and brazing.

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